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"Geology Rocks!"


That's right! You can earn one or more hours of college credit by taking our INTRODUCTORY GEOLOGY FIELD TRIPS.

On these field trips across Texas and nearby states you'll see geology where it really exists -- in the great outdoors! There's no sitting in a stuffy classroom as we explore extinct volcanoes, dinosaur footprints, collapsed caves, mountains of granite and much more. You'll learn practical information about geologic hazards and discover why the Earth is so vulnerable to environmental damage.

What do students say about the field trips? "This is probably the best and most fun course a person can take in college. There is no better way to gain upper level elective credit and have so much fun that it's practically a vacation."

Enjoying the view from Enchanted Rock on the Hill Country Field Trip.

The field trips are led by geology professors who are experts in various areas and will give you a guided tour of some of the most interesting and senic regions of Texas and surrounding states. Part of the fun is that we camp out. There are always restroom and shower facilities at the campgrounds, and if you need equipment, the Recreation Center rents out camping gear.

IT'S EASY TO SIGN UP. Just go on-line and add a field trip to your course schedule. You can sign up for more than one if you want additional credit. There are no prerequisites and the courses count toward your upper level general electives. Some trips may be limited to Freshmen and Sophomores due to space constraints. If you have problems registering, call 468-3701.

P.S. -- The field trips usually fill quickly, so sign up early.

WE HAVE SEVERAL FIELD TRIPS TO CHOOSE FROM (all are GOL 471 plus a section number):

HILL COUNTRY FIELD TRIP. Two credit hours for a weekend in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This part of the state has a great diversity of rock types, fossils, and land features, plus spectacular Enchanted Rock and great barbecue! This is our most popular field trip.

GALVESTON FIELD TRIP. One credit hour for a two-day field trip in the Galveston area. Learn how beaches and bays form and delve into the environmental problems associated with these fragile seashores. Camping at Galveston Island State Park.

ARKANSAS FIELD TRIP. Two credit hours for a weekend of camping in the beautiful Ouachita mountains of Arkansas. Collect big quartz crystals and explore the folds and fractures caused by building of the mountains.

NACOGDOCHES FIELD TRIP (Local FT). One credit hour for a 1-day field trip on the SFA campus and nearby parts of Nacogdoches. Yes, there are rocks here, too! Learn how geology influenced the development of the city and explore our unique environmental problems first-hand.

WANT TO SIGN UP? If you have any trouble registering on-line, call the Geology Department and talk to Shana (3701). Picture: A treasure hunt! Students digging for quartz crystals on the Arkansas Field Trip.

Are the field trips fun? Here's what one student had to say:
"This rock trip rocked!!" [More quotes and pictures!]

Even the professors have fun on the field trips! (Nielson, Shaw-Faulkner, and Barker)

We hope to see you on one of our weekend field trips!

If you need a lab science course -- and almost everybody at SFA does -- then consider taking an introductory geology course. We offer fascinating, non-math-intensive courses that explore the world around us. In INTRODUCTORY GEOLOGY (GOL 131) you'll learn about topics like volcanoes, earthquakes, deserts, glaciers, minerals, plate tectonics, and environmental issues. THE EARTH THROUGH TIME (Historical Geology: GOL 132) explores the history of our planet -- from the Big Bang to dinosaurs. For more information call (936) 468-3701, or click here, or just add these courses when you register on-line.

For upper-level geology majors, here is information about our Summer Field Camp in the beautiful southwestern United States.

Hanging out at Luckenbach. Where's Willie?
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