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GOL 131. Introductory Geology (GOL 1403) - 4 semester hours, 3 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory per week. Designed for the student with no geology background. An introduction to the study of minerals, rocks and the processes that modify and shape the surface features of the earth. Energy, mineral, and water resources, volcanism, and other practical aspects of geology are stressed. Lab fee required.
131 Lab Tutorial

GOL 132. The Earth Through Time (GOL 1404)- 4 semester hours, 3 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory per week. The history and development of the continents and ocean basins, and the evolution of life on earth. Includes earthquakes and the earth's interior, mountain building, drifting continents and sea-floor spreading, the Ice Ages, space science, and oceanography. Prequisite: GOL 131. Lab fee required.
132 Lab Tutorial

GOL 241. Mineralogy - 4 semester hours, 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory per week. Properties of crystals and crystal systems; identification and classification of selected minerals in hand specimen; rock associations and mode of occurrence of minerals; industrial uses. Prerequisite: GOL 131 or 133. Lab fee required.

GOL 242. Petrology - 2 lecture hours, 3 laboratory hours per week. The identification, origin, occurrence, and association of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Prerequisites: GOL 132, 241. Required field trip. Lab fee required. Field trip fee required.

GOL 245. Earth Materials - 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory per week. The occurrence, identification, classification, and use of common minerals and rocks. Prerequisite: GOL 132. Does not count toward meeting major credit for geology majors. Field trip required. Lab fee required. Field trip fee required.

GOL 303. Oceanography - The study of the marine environment with emphasis on the structure, properties, and processes of the ocean and their role in the total environment. Does not count toward meeting major credit for geology majors. Prerequisite: GOL 131.

GOL 330. Geomorphology - Genesis, characteristics and analysis of land forms based on a consideration of geological processes, stages of development and geological structures. Prerequisite: GOL 131 or GEO 130.

GOL 332. North American Geology - A study of the geologic evolution, history and framework of the North American continent. Prerequisite: GOL 132.

GOL 338. Structural Geology - 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory per week. Genesis, classification and description of structural features resulting from rock deformation. Prerequisite: GOL 242. Required field trips. Lab fee required.

GOL 350. Environmental Geology - A study of geological phenomena that are important in man's effective utilization of his physical environment, including soils, land use, and geologic hazards. Prerequisite: GOL 131 or 133.

GOL 361. Invertebrate Paleontology - 4 semester hours, 3 hour lecture, 3 hours laboratory per week. The morphology, classification, evolutionary history, ecology, and geologic significance of the major groups of invertebrate fossils. Prerequisite: GOL 132 or permission of instructor. Lab fee required.

GOL 364. Field Geology ("Summer Field Camp") - 6 semester hours, summer camp, SSI. This is the capstone course of the Department of Geology. All geology majors are required to complete this course in order to graduate with the B.S. degree in geology. Methods and application of geologic field techniques. Emphasis on reconnaissance and detailed mapping. Prerequisite: GOL 338. Field trip fee required.

GOL 408. Stratigraphy and Sedimentation - 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory per week. The study of basic stratigraphic relations and the identification, origin, distribution, and correlation of sedimentary rocks. Prerequisite: GOL 242. Lab fee required.

GOL 410. Engineering Geology - The application of geology to engineering practice. Topics include soil mechanics, foundations, engineering classification of soils, slope stability, and drainage and storm water management. Prerequisites: GOL 131 and 350.

GOL 420. Geochemistry - Applications of chemical laws and methods to the solution of geological problems. Prerequisites: GOL 131, CHE 133 and 134.

GOL 443. Optical Mineralogy - 2 hours lecture and 3 hours laboratory per week. Optical behavior of crystals and identification of rock-forming minerals with the polarization microscope. Prerequisite: GOL 241. Lab fee required.

GOL 449. Ground Water - Principles of occurrence and movement of water beneath the earth's surface and the influence of various geologic situations upon its behavior, depletion, recharge and contamination of ground water supplies. Prerequisites: GOL 131 or 133, MTH 138.

GOL 471. Special Topics in Geology - 1 to 4 semester hours. Study of specific areas in geology.

GOL 475. Special Problems - 1 to 4 semester hours. Individual study in some field of geology, guided through individual conference with professor in charge. May be repeated once. Prerequisites: 18 hours of geology and approval of department chairman. Permission of instructor must be obtained prior to enrollment.

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